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Why Should I Get a Tree Stump Removed from My Property?

stump removalNo tree will last till forever. Like anything else on this earth, trees are only temporary, and at some point, even the hardiest of them must come down.

Of course, also like anything, a downed tree is not forever — not while we still have the MEMORY of the tree . . .

As well as the stump.

Yes, unlike most other things, when a tree ends its time here on earth, it leaves behind a token of its existence: a stump. Unfortunately, this stump doesn’t tend to be NEARLY as enjoyable or as lovely as the tree that it stands as a testament to.

A stump can be MORE than just unsightly, though. Indeed, a stump can prove to be a detriment to both your property and your SAFETY even.

Don’t wait for a stump to stomp all over the quality of your life. If, for some reason, you’re left with a stump on your property, then you need to call in a qualified tree services expert to remove that stump before you suffer from any of the headaches that it can cause — headaches such as . . .


Kids like to play — this is a fact.
But kids aren’t always careful — this is also a fact.

If you have kids, they’re gonna be likely to bring some of their kid friends over to your home to play outside . . . and not be particularly CAREFUL outside.

And if this less-than-careful playtime should happen around a stump (something that’s oftentimes hard for even those who ARE careful to be mindful of), then one of those kids could fall over that stump, receiving some pretty nasty bruises and scratches.

No one wants their kid to get hurt. And should someone ELSE’S kid get hurt on your property, you’d better hope their parents aren’t the vindictive kind who’ll slap a lawsuit at you since something on your property caused their child pain.

Don’t put yourself in a position for anyone to be harmed because of a stump — especially if there’s a chance that someone might sue you over the injury. Just call your tree service expert to get that stump and its injurious natured removed!


It’s simple biology: Decaying things are delicious. Well, for pests, they are.

But the buffet of delicious decomposition that decaying things offer won’t last forever. Like a buffet during the lunch rush, it doesn’t take long for the hungry parasitic masses to clear out the food — and then look elsewhere to fill up.

And for the ants, termites, and beetles that a stump can bring to the yard, that elsewhere just might be your tasty home.

It might take a little bit of money to remove a stump from your property, but it takes a WHOOOOOLE lot more money to remove termites and other pests from your home once they’ve nestled in there. And if you wait to do that, you could find yourself dealing with a bevy of increasingly expensive structural issues on top of the pests.

Don’t wait for the insatiated insects to turn from chowing down on a stump to gobbling away at your home. Instead, call up your tree services pro to come in and get that old stump removed!


When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to be sure to get the best price out of it.

And when it comes time to BUY a new home, people won’t want to pay that price if your home isn’t much to look at.

Yes, as you prepare to put your home on the market, you’ll find that there are quite a number of areas that you’ll have to beautify in order to get the greatest value out of your home.

One of those areas is your yard. And should your yard contain a stump, you might find it quite hard to fetch the price tag you’re aiming for. After all, stumps tend to be QUITE unsightly — meaning people will be QUITE disinclined to pay top-dollar for a home that’s blighted by a stump.

Don’t let a stump keep you from putting the price tag you WANT to put on your home. Just call up your tree service expert to remove that stump and raise that price tag!


To get the cleanest, quickest, and most thorough stump removal, you need to have yours handled by an experienced tree service professional.
And if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, then that experienced professional should be Eastern Tree Company!

We at Eastern Tree Company have all the experience and the dedication to providing only excellent work to promise to give you only the best results from your stump removal!

If you need more information on our Tree Stump Removal Services then please call (416) 823-2535 or complete our


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