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Toronto Stump Removal for Stopping Insect Infestation and New Tree Growth

No tree will last forever. Sure, a particularly hardy tree might outlive many members of the populous, but like anything, there will ALWAYS come a time when even the strongest and longest-lived of trees will come tumbling down. What do you do about the stump that is left behind? Simply call on us for our stump removal services.

That moment is certainly a sad one indeed. But it’s also a frustrating one. After all, when a tree comes down for any reason, it leaves behind something that’s just about as frustrating as a decaying tree itself: a stump.

While stumps are enough of a headache because of how unsightly they can be, the issues they can cause are far more than just aesthetic. After all, a tree stump can lead to . . .



As a tree stump decays, it can begin to attract insects, and not the cute ones such as butterflies and ladybugs. No, stumps can attract the not-so-cute and QUITE harmful insects to your yard:

While you might not particularly care if these bugs begin to eat away at that old stump (after all, it’s not like you’ll WANT that stump to remain), you’ll DEFINITELY care if those harmful critters skitter their way toward your home from that stump!


If you cut down an old tree, it is going to leave a stump. And unless that stump is absolutely decayed, chances are it’s going to begin to produce a new tree in time.

And let’s face it: If you just paid to have ONE tree removed, you probably don’t want ANOTHER one growing right in its place.

To be sure that old tree gets gone and STAYS gone, just call in for a professional stump removal. If there’s no stump, there can’t be any new tree! Thus, you’ll save the headache (and the expense!) that a leftover stump can lead to!

Stump Removal
Stump Removal


Left with a stump? Facing the possibility of an insect infestation or a new tree where you don’t want a tree to be anymore? Not sure how to get rid of that old stump and the problems it can lead to?

Don’t let a stump stump you as you try to figure what to do with it. Just call on the Toronto tree service pros at Eastern Tree Company for a quick stump removal today!

We at Eastern Tree Company have the experience and the know-how to rid your home of any frustrating stumps that might be plaguing it. A stump is more than just unsightly: It can also be the cause of some serious and costly issues.

Don’t wait for some old stump to lead to those issues. Just call on the tree service pros at Eastern Tree Company today for a no-nonsense stump removal!

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