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Tree Services That Improves Health and Appearance Of Your Trees In North York

With over thirty years in the business, we at Eastern Tree Company can keep your home’s trees going strong for many years to come thanks to our top-quality North York Tree Services which include tree pruning and emergency tree services!



A good, thorough tree pruning is just the thing to lob off the least attractive of your tree’s branches, helping it to look as beautiful as can be! But did you know that a tree pruning is also good for the HEALTH and LIFESPAN of your trees?

It is! After all, if one of your tree’s branches becomes sick or infested with bugs, then that sickness and those bugs could soon spread throughout the rest of your tree. But if you call up Eastern Tree Company to remove that bothersome branch before it can spread its issues, you can preserve the overall health of your tree and, thus, help it to live the longest, healthiest life possible!


If there’s one thing trees can’t do, it’s read clocks. This means that, if an old or sickly tree decides it’s time to go “TIMBERRRRR,” it’s not able to make sure it does so during business hours when the specialists are open so they can address that issue right then and there.

With Eastern Tree Company, though, it doesn’t matter whether your tree can tell time or not. After all, we at Eastern Tree Company offer 24-hour emergency tree services to help fix any problems your trees might cause at ANY time of the day or night!

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More About The North York Area

If you’re looking for a great place to settle down and raise a family in, then you can’t go wrong with the district of North York in Ontario. With its bevy of shopping malls, Civic Centre, and Black Creek Pioneer Village, North York offers plenty to do with your brood.

If you settle on a house here in North York, then you’re, of COURSE, going to want to be sure that that house is as beautiful as the district surrounding it. And a great, all-encompassing way to ensure that your home remains every bit that beautiful is to ensure that its trees are healthy and strong!

And if you settle here in North York, then good news! You can keep your trees every bit that beautiful and strong thanks to North York’s tree service experts at Eastern Tree Company!

Map of North York, ON

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