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Toronto Tree Services That Make A Difference

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Tree Care Assessment

Do you want the trees in your yard to look great and to stay looking that way for a long, long time? Then you can’t go wrong by calling on the tree-service experts at Eastern Tree Company! We can equip you with the knowledge you need to help keep your trees in tip-top condition! A family-owned business, we at Eastern Tree Company have provided quality tree-care services to folks in the Greater Toronto Area since 1986. With our experience and our dedication to providing top-quality work and customer service, you can be sure that we at Eastern Tree Company can get your trees looking as beautiful for as long as possible. To help in that endeavor, we offer more than just quality tree care assessments. We also offer pruning services to keep your trees healthy, stump removal services to keep your yard safe and attractive, and many more great Toronto tree services! With Eastern Tree Company, you’ll get more than beautiful, healthy trees: You’ll also get the kind of individualized care and attention that you can get with only a family-owned business!

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Emergency Tree Services

Your tree care doesn’t always involve just pruning away the bad branches and fertilizing some soil. Sometimes, it involves removing hazardous trees or trees that have fallen and can’t get up. And sometimes, this kind of thing happens at the least inconvenient time possible — in the middle of the night, for instance. Being awoken by an old tree that finally gave in and came tumbling down is jarring enough. Now imagine walking out to the disaster area only to find out the tree fell behind your car, blocking you in until you can get someone out there to chop up that tree and get it out of there. Sounds frustrating, right? That’s because that kind of situation IS frustrating. But it doesn’t HAVE to be frustrating — not when you can simply call on Eastern Tree Company for twenty-four-hour emergency tree care services! No matter what time of the day or night your tree decides to greatly inconvenience you, you needn’t stress. Just call on Eastern Tree Company, and we’ll be sure to get an expert out to you in a jiffy to get your tree problems handled and your life back on track, no matter the hour!

Tree Pruning

A tree doesn’t go bad or begin to die all at once. It happens little by little, bit by bit, with trouble areas quite literally BRANCHING off from isolated spots to the rest of the tree. This is good news, though! After all, if a problem begins in a branch, then guess what? All you have to do to get rid of that problem area is to call up Eastern Tree Company to prune away those bad branches! With Eastern Tree Company’s pruning services, you can be sure to keep your trees healthy by ensuring that bad, disease-ridden branches won’t spread their disease throughout the rest of your tree or attract bugs that will eat away at your tree. Pruning services not only save your trees — they also save you MONEY. After all, it’s MUCH cheaper (not to mention faster) to have some bad branches removed than to have an entire TREE removed. Don’t wait until a few bad branches result in a dead tree complete with the COST associated with handling a dead tree. Just call on the tree service experts at Eastern Tree Company for a thorough tree pruning today!

tree services
tree services

Why Choose Us?

You might have the lion’s share of options when it comes time to hire a tree service expert to keep your trees looking beautiful and standing strong for years to come. But if you want the best customer care AND industry-standard work or BETTER, then you can’t go wrong with Eastern Tree Company. With over thirty years of experience in the business, we at Eastern Tree Company certainly have the know-how to provide top-quality tree services. And being a family-owned company with a focus on customer care, we also promise to provide you with the best service you could buy! Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your tree-service needs. GET the best — and the best is the experienced, family-owned pros at Eastern Tree Company!

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