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Tree Services that Improves Curb Appeal in Richmond Hill

Just what makes Richmond Hill’s landscapes so lovely? Easy: its beautiful trees that tower over the landscape like proud monuments to this stunning town! And just what provides Richmond Hill with such beautiful trees? Also easy: Our Richmond Hill Tree Services!

We at Eastern Tree Company keep Richmond Hill’s trees looking great and standing strong with our pruning and tree care assessment services! If you’re a Richmond Hill resident looking to keep your trees in the best and most beautiful shape possible, you can’t go wrong by calling on Eastern Tree Company for all of your tree service needs!



Do you want your trees to look beautiful? Then get a tree pruning. A tree pruning will get rid of all the branches that aren’t quite growing well, keeping your tree looking absolutely perfect.

And do you want your trees to be healthy? Then STILL get a tree pruning. Not only will a tree pruning remove the unappealing-looking branches but it will also remove the UNHEALTHY branches before they can spread their issues throughout the rest of your tree. If you want a thorough tree pruning, don’t hesitate to call on Eastern Tree Company today!


If you have trees on your property, then you’ll of COURSE want to be sure those trees stand strong and beautiful for many years to come. But how do you ensure that your trees remain in that kind of shape throughout the years? How do you know what your trees need to stay that healthy?

The answer is simple: Just call up Eastern Tree Company for a thorough tree care assessment! We’ll inspect your trees carefully, determine what care they need, and provide you with that knowledge so that you can be sure to provide your trees with the work they need to be strong and healthy for many, many years to come!

Tree Care

More About The Richmond Hill Area

When it comes to places that offer a wide variety of draws, few are quite as appealing as the town of Richmond Hill in Ontario. Offering the David Dunlap Observatory telescope (the largest telescope in Canada!), 166 parks, and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, Richmond Hill certainly has something to offer for everyone.

And should you fancy some more outdoorsy recreations, guess what? Richmond Hill STILL delivers! After all, with its beautiful naturescapes, you’ll enjoy every second of your outside activities!

Map of Richmond Hill, ON

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