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Toronto Tree Services

No yard is complete without a tree. And to get the healthiest, most beautiful tree for your yard, you need to call on a reliable Toronto tree services expert to keep that tree going good and strong for a long, long time.


And if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, then the expert for you should be Eastern Tree Company! Family-owned and -operated since 1986, we at Eastern Tree Company have the experience and the dedication to quality work to keep your trees in tip-top condition with our many great tree services!


TREE CUTTING, Tree ServicesAn old, decaying tree is more than an eyesore: It’s also a SAFETY hazard. Before you give a dying tree the chance to die onto your car or right through your ceiling, call on Eastern Tree Company to get that tree cut down quickly and safely!

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TREE PRUNING, Tree ServicesIt’s true what they say: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And the same is true for your tree: It’s only as strong as its sickest branch. After all, a dying or diseased branch could spread its disease throughout the rest of the tree — unless you call on Eastern Tree Company to get those unnecessary and sickly branches pruned off, that is!

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TREE FERTILIZATION, Tree ServicesTrees need nutrition-rich soil to thrive. Unfortunately, the soil you find in your front yard isn’t always so nutritious, consequently leading to trees that never reach their potential of health and beauty. To help your trees reach that potential, just call on Eastern Tree Company to provide your trees with top-quality fertilizer!

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TREE STUMP REMOVAL, Tree ServicesWhether you have your tree cut down or it comes crashing down of its own accord, one thing’s for certain: That tree is going to leave a stump. While a stump’s unsightliness is already a headache in and of itself, the REAL issue comes as you have to deal with the termites and beetles that a stump can attract. Before any stumps in your yard can bring in such an infestation, call up Eastern Tree Company for  a quick, thorough stump removal!

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EMERGENCY TREE SERVICES, Tree ServicesSometimes, trees weaken quietly and then die — loudly. And suddenly. And sometimes, this loud, sudden death can happen in the middle of the night, right behind where you’ve parked your car. Before you face the prospect of missing work because of a tree that gave in in the middle of the night, call on Eastern Tree Company for 24-hour emergency tree services!

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TREE CARE ASSESSMENT, Tree ServicesOf course, you can avoid (or at least put off) many of these services by simply providing your tree with the care it needs to keep it strong and healthy for many years to come. And you can do that by calling on Eastern Tree Company for a tree care assessment. With this service, we’ll examine your trees and let you know the individual care and procedures they’ll need to stay strong and healthy!

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