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Urban Tree Decay: How Can I Keep My Trees Healthy Here in Town?

tree pruningOne of the best parts about immersing yourself in nature is getting to enjoy the trees. Towering over you like ancient green gods, trees can make you feel so insignificant, so awed, and most of all, so HAPPY to share this planet with something so impressive and BEAUTIFUL.

Sadly, we don’t always get to spend very much time in nature. Most of the time, we’re right here at home in town or in the city — places in which trees aren’t particularly keen to thrive.

So, what does that mean? That you’ll get to enjoy the full majesty and splendor that trees can offer only during the occasional holiday out into the thriving wilderness?

Not at all! After all, we’re living in the Twenty-First Century with all of the Twenty-First Century advancements and know-how! And one of the best know-hows that we have is how to get trees to blossom and grow hardy and strong in an urban locale.

If you want to enjoy all the beauty that trees offer in the wilderness right from your front porch, then be sure to call up a tree services expert to help keep your trees healthy and strong with the following services:


One of the chief reasons why trees don’t develop as well in urban areas as well as they do in the wilderness is that the soil is simply not as nutritious here in civilization. Less nutrition — less-healthy trees. Same for anything.

Of course, we’re living in a time when you can try teas and enjoy clothes made all the way across the world. No longer do we have to simply bemoan our urban locales’ lack of nutritious soil — not when we can simply get quality fertilizer that brings all of the nutritional benefits of forest soil right to our front yard!

If you want your home’s trees to grow up to be as big, strong, and beautiful as the trees you see in the wild, you need to call your tree services expert to provide your trees with quality fertilizer.


There is actually something that urban trees have over wild trees when it comes to being healthy and beautiful: pruning. Pruning is the process of removing unnecessary branches from a tree to promote better health and beauty.

After all, should a branch of your tree become diseased or even dead, your tree could begin to decay, thus attracting pests that can spread to the rest of your tree, causing other areas to become sick and begin to die.

You can avoid this fatal domino effect by simply calling your preferred tree services expert for a quality pruning. If you want your trees to be as big and beautiful as can be for as long as can be, you can’t go wrong with a thorough pruning to remove the dead weight!


But even with all of the technology and tree care advancements in the world, the best thing for your trees will always be KNOWLEDGE. If you equip yourself with knowledge of what’s best (and, of course, WORST) for the health of your trees, then you’ll know just what to do to get those trees to blossom big and beautiful.

And to get this knowledge, you need to call on your tree services expert for a thorough tree care assessment. A tree care assessment will help you to know what services you need to provide your tree with so that you can be sure to give it the best attention for the healthiest development.

Fertilizer and careful pruning are, of course, invaluable for getting your tree to grow beautiful and healthy. But you can’t overlook the importance that KNOWING your tree plays toward this goal. Do you want stunning greenery right in your front yard? Then KNOW how to get it with a tree care assessment.


If you want to produce the biggest, most luscious trees right in your front yard, then you need to get the kind of expertise that only an experienced tree services expert can provide.

And if you live within the Greater Toronto Area, then you can’t go wrong by calling on Eastern Tree Company for all of your tree services needs. Whether you are in the market for a fertilization, a pruning, or a tree care assessment, you can’t go wrong by calling on Toronto’s experienced and reliable tree services experts at Eastern Tree Company!

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