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Pruning: Plum Good for Your Trees — But Why?

tree-pruningTrees are a lot like cats: They take very little upkeep, and they sure make a place more pleasant!

But of course, very few things in this world need absolutely NO upkeep, and cats and trees are no exception.

For your feline friend, this upkeep involves regular vet visits, grooming, and just the right amount of attention when Fluffy allows it.

And for your trees, this upkeep involves pruning.

Just what is pruning? Well, pruning is the process of removing dead limbs and branches from a tree. And why do we do this?

For a number of reasons!

If you’re a homeowner whose property contains trees and you DON’T know why you should get your trees pruned, then you need to read on! This handy list of some of the primary reasons why we get our trees pruned should elucidate you about pruning and help inspire you to keep those trees pruned so that you can enjoy all of the great benefits that pruning allows — benefits such as . . .


Old, dead limbs are a detriment to your tree. After all, as your tree’s limbs begin to decay, your tree could start to attract bugs. These bugs could, then, branch out (pun intended) to other areas of the tree, causing damage to otherwise healthy tree parts.

You can cease this destructive domino effect by simply pruning away bad limbs as soon as you spot them. A bad limb will never be healthy again — and it will only spread its unhealthiness to other parts of a tree. Don’t give that bad limb a chance to damage the rest of the tree. Just get that bad limb pruned away!


Bad limbs affect more than just your tree. They can also affect you and the property close by the tree! After all, a bad limb is a weak limb, and all it takes is a good, strong storm to send those weak limbs flying all about — possibly through your windows and onto your car!

Don’t wait for old, dead limbs to create a safety hazard for your property and you. Just prune away those old, dead limbs, and you won’t have to worry about a testy Mother Nature sending a branch into the living room!


Branches don’t always need to be pruned to promote a healthy tree. Sometimes, those branches should be pruned for the sake of maintaining a BEAUTIFUL tree. After all, as errant branches grow in increasingly random and unflattering patterns, your tree could grow crooked and lopsided.

Your trees should be healthy to help protect your property, but they should also be attractive to help make your property that much more appealing and valuable. To maintain BOTH of these qualities and, thus, enjoy ALL of these benefits, be sure to get all those unsightly and unhealthy branches pruned!


If you want your trees to enjoy the longest, healthiest, and most beautiful life possible, you need to get their unnecessary bits and bobs pruned. And to get the most thorough pruning, you need to call on Eastern Tree Company.

We at Eastern Tree Company have the experience and the know-how to offer only the most precise pruning to make your trees as healthy as can be!

If you need more information on our Pruning Services then please call (416) 823-2535 or complete our


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