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3 Benefits Of Pruning Your Trees This Summer

Tree Pruning TorontoWhile the winter months are usually the chosen time of year when it comes to tree pruning, pruning in the summer can have its own unique brand of benefits, especially when it comes to fruit trees or trees that might be damaged in some way. Your trees play a major role in the overall beauty and comfort of your property, and as such, you want to do everything in your power to ensure they get the care they need to continue to thrive, and a little bit of professional pruning this summer can go a long way in helping to make that happen. If you are still on the fence about whether or not now is the right time to call in the pros and have your property’s trees professionally pruned, we invite you to take a quick read through this short list our team of professionals has put together that helps to highlight just a few of the more notable benefits that come along with this service.

Remove Dead Limbs

Summer pruning can play a major role in the removal of any dead, damaged, or diseased tree limbs that have the potential to cause unneeded stress or unwanted damage to your trees over the coming months. Removing these troublesome limbs will help to keep your trees healthier and enhance their potential for robust growth while also reducing the likelihood that any of those weaker branches come flying off during a storm and risk damaging your home.

Help Fruit Trees Grow Strong

Fruit trees, in particular, make strong candidates for summer pruning as this not only allows them to receive more light to the areas of the tree where it is needed, particularly in the case of younger trees but it can also help to encourage your more mature trees to produce larger and higher quality fruit. The increased light and air circulation that comes from proper pruning help to support more robust and durable branch development, which goes hand-in-hand with producing larger and healthier fruit in the future. That being said, some fruit trees become susceptible to disease when they are pruned during rainy seasons, which makes summer such an ideal time to do so. With the overall dryer weather of summer, you can usually find a time to safely prune these trees and give them time to heal properly so you don’t risk making them susceptible to disease.

Control Pests

One other benefit to pruning your trees during the summer is the difference it can make in regards to controlling pests around your home. Removing branches and fruit from your trees this summer can help to reduce the likelihood of infestation by mites or aphids, which can be a big step in protecting the health of your trees over time. This, in turn, will help to promote the growth of healthy fruit in the future that is free of pests. That being said, it is important to ensure that any damaged fruit you do get rid of is properly thrown out, as composting them will only make infestation more likely.

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